For Sale: Pentax ME 35mm Camera/Lens

SOLD! Vintage Pentax ME 35mm camera and f/1.7 50mm lens. Lens is pristine and camera appears to be fully functional, but I have not timed the shutter speeds. Self timer and hot shoe mount do work (see video for tests). The only flaw I can see is the dent on the top, but it does not appear to have any impact on camera functionality. This camera is wonderful for starters due to its automatic shutter setting. Manual for this camera can be found online at





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For Sale: Bell+Howell Zoomatic 414PD Director’s Series (Zapruder camera)

SOLD! This is the same model camera Abraham Zapruder used to inadvertently film the Kennedy assassination. Not only is it a piece of history by pure accident, it is also a very functional, high end consumer 8mm movie camera for its time, and even now. Dual Electric Eye light sensors (appears functional as the needle moves with variations in light input), POWER zoom (the two buttons on the top), animation (single frame) and slow motion (high speed) shooting options, clean lens and viewfinder. Braided lanyard attached to tripod mount. This camera is a great conversation piece, or still a functional camera for old school moviemaking. 8mm film is still available. Bid on it here!



For Sale: Polaroid Colorpack III

SOLD! An excellent condition Polaroid Colorpack III Instant Camera. You can still get film for this camera! Adorama and other shops sell both Color and Black and white Fuji film (FP3000B or FP100C) that works for this camera. Includes one pack of 3 unused Flashcubes, 12 flashes in all.  You can source extra flashcubes from ebay or thrift stores, if you need them. Timer, focusing tool, both appear functional. Handles for removing film and cold clip for keeping film warm during development are both in great shape. Takes AA batteries. Includes case in great shape. Bid here.