the polaroid project

A collection of autographed Polaroid snapshots, this project started innocuously enough, with this image of Austin’s own Grand Old Opry star, Miss (newly Mrs…) Sunny Sweeney, at her last show before she relocated from Austin to Nashville:

The project snowballed from there… local Austin musicians were, of course, the mainstay of the photographs, but the project expanded beyond just local talent.

Michael McMahon, SIT and Die Co.

Emily Bell:

emily bell auto starlite

The Rip Chords:

rip chords polaroid starlite

Shelly Watson:

shelly watson polaroid starlite

Wayne Hancock:

Alan Haynes:

Hailey Tuck:

Willie Pipkin:

Mojo Nixon:

Mistress Stephanie and her Melodic Cat:

James “Slim” Hand:

Pete Mitchell:

Miss Lauren Marie:

Cella Blue:

Johnny Falstaff:

Deke Dickerson:

Lynda Kay:

Marti Brom:

Mary Huff of Southern Culture on the Skids:

Billy Brad Fordham:

Ricky Broussard:

Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Boys:

Brian Rise of Combo Mahalo:

Dick Dale:

Jimmie Vaughan:

Amber Digby:

Gene Kurtz:

Roger Wallace:

Bear and the Essentials:

Shaun Young:

Ruby Jane Smith:

Joe Emery of the Thunderchiefs:

Jenn Miori of Jenny and the Cornponies:

Whitey Morgan:

Barb and Rachel of the Honeybees:

The Carper Family:

Shannon Marino of Heather Rae and the Moonshine Boys:

Weldon Henson: